Assertive Mentoring Reports using SIMS Assessment Manager

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10 Responses

  1. Hannah Haines says:

    Hello. Is there any way I could get hold of this so that I could use it in my school please?

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Unfortunately the template I have is very much tied to the aspects and results etc used by the schools I install it in, so a copy of the report just wouldn’t work. Your local Sims support team might be able to help. I could help but I’m based in the northwest so it’s difficult!

      • Hannah Haines says:

        That’s fine. Thank you for replying.
        Can you tell me though how you get the colours to insert in the individual report please? I presume they relate to a colour on a marksheet.

        • David Pott says:

          The colours in the report come from the marksheets where I use a ‘nested if then else’ formula to create traffic lights. Within the individual pupil report I just then need to tick the ‘include colours’ box and the colours are also printed on the report.

  2. Gill Morley says:

    We use the traffic light system on our markbooks which are similar to your example. We would also like to add these to the student reports, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way of pulling them through as they aren’t attached to an aspect.

    Any ideas of a way around this or do we need to attached the formulas to the aspects?
    Thank you

    • David Pott says:

      First, make sure that you’ve ticked the box in Individual Pupil Reports that says ‘print report with colour’. That should print any colour that has been applied to the aspect. If the the colour has been applied to a column with no aspect behind it you might be able to use the ‘also colour this aspect’ option in the nested-if-then-else formula. Hope this helps.

  3. Gary Skelto says:


    I notice that you have School Action, School Action Plus and Statement on your example. Are these created with the report? If so, how? This is not (irritatingly) a field that can be added to individual reports. I’m loath to have yet another static aspect defined…



    • David Pott says:

      The references to school action and school action plus are just plain text (the school just highlighted whichever applied). You’re right -individual reports don’t allow us to use the Sims stored values. Maybe one day!

  4. Sue Seed says:


    Hi David,very interested in implementing this at current school. Do you have a contact so could maybe get this set up or seek your advice. Also based in Northwest.
    much appreciated if possible

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