An Easy Way to Calculate a Pupil’s Levels of Progress from KS2 to KS4 with SIMS

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  1. Karen Hardman says:

    Hi – I love this way of calculating the Levels of Progress from KS2 to current attainment – I just have 1 question… If you have a student whose KS2 level has been marked as anything other than a Level – i.e. ‘A’ (Absent for the test), the Levels of Progress for my Year 11 Autumn data capture is 5+, as the ‘A’ has 0 (zero) value and wil therefore always be taking 0 from the current GCSE value. Is there anyway around this? Thanks in advance. Karen

    • Joanne says:

      Dear Karen I was wondering that too. Any body got an answer please?

      • Allison Hobbins says:

        I would like to know if there is a way around this also, as the current Y10s were the year group where schools could ‘opt out’ of sats so approx 40% of that year group do not have a test level

    • Berj Tata says:

      Hi Karen,
      In case we haven’t got a KS2 validated grade, we use teacher assessments.

  2. Tina Baxter says:

    To correct the error:
    Add template column – ‘add a column for data review using formula’ (4th one) and use the value formula. Value of KS2 aspect, this will then treat all you M’s and A’s as no entry as no number value is attached. Follow with other formulas stated above.

    I use this within our Sims and it works for us.

  3. Laura Pritchard says:

    Tina – The value column doesn’t work for us… I’m struggling to figure this one out!

  4. Kirstie says:

    The value formula won’t work if you’ve given those grades a Zero score in the gradeset attached to your KS2.
    For our KS2 baseline aspect, we use a gradeset with all the possible NC grades. You’d need to check the aspect to see what gradeset is attached and then, in the gradeset, remove the value assigned to any grades you want ignored.
    You’d need to be careful to check where else the gradeset is used, to make sure it doesn’t impact on any other SIMS calculations.

  5. Julia Giddens says:

    Does everyone else use the following:

    For English Lang & Lit – KS2 Whole Level English
    For Maths & Sciences – KS2 Whole Level Maths
    For all other subjects – KS2 AVG Whole Level

    If so, do I have to calculate my own Whole Level for Avg because it only comes as a fine grade from K2S?



  6. Emma Nadiem says:

    Has anyone developed a way of calculating levels of progress for the new GCSE’s in English and Maths?


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