Assessment Manager Enhancements Summer and Autumn 2014

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2 Responses

  1. Phil Howcroft says:

    Aspect substitution within templates…..Well, it sounds like a smashing enhancement.

    One thought though for you to ponder. You replace “aspect A” with “aspect B” , what happens to the column heading description in the template? Does that change to the default description for the new aspect too?

    I know I’m nitt picking here, but where I have the same aspect name in an template / marksheet, but for different resultsets e.g. Aspect “Y11 Predicted Grade Art” for resultsets AP1 / AP2 / AP3 etc. then SIMS gives you funny symbols on the end to ensure the column heading description is unique. So I think there will still be quite a bit of work to do.

    I look forward to the enhancement, but reserve judgement and hold back my excitement as to how much time it will save us until I see it in action



  2. Vik Paw says:

    I think it’s pretty cool, i don’t think the naming should be an issue, it should automate, especially if there are other changes coming to allow mapping and make things easier.

    The issue will be for example where your aspect names are long, and there is auto truncation. I have manually retyped column headings many many times.

    Also, this is great for new setups, but where you have a comprehensive system in place, how often do you want to create whole new templates. Usually only if you add a new subject. So the use for existing customers will be more limited.

    Nonetheless, this ease of use and the markbook features for class teachers will be very welcome.

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