Progress 8 Update (with thanks to ASCL and FFT)

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  1. Trevor Williams says:

    Thank you for this – very helpful.

  2. Andy says:

    Just a question on this from another Data Manager… Is there anywhere I can find previous “expected” attainment 8 values for ks2 averages? This would then help me to calculate our own P8 value (although it would obviously only be an estimate for current cohorts)

    • David Pott says:

      I don’t know of any – only 2013 data has been published as far as I know…

      • Deb says:

        Do you know what attainment 8 estimates are used in SIMS for the new School Report please?

        • David Pott says:

          Hi Deb, I’ve been trying to get Capita to confirm the estimates used by Capita in their school report. So far I haven’t had a definitive reply but I’m working on the assumption that they’re using the 2013 version as per the latest DFE technical guide. Even less clear is which KS2 results they are using. They should be using the decimalised average fine KS2 level which is calculated via the pupils’ raw scores in the KS2 tests. But as SIMS doesn’t usually store that data I’m guessing that they are using the average KS2 sublevel which is similar but perhaps less accurate.

          • deb says:

            Yes.. sims are using 2013 estimates and KS2 whole grades. Currently this report looks at historic data if a student has current missing data. We are going to wait till this is corrected before i spend hours mapping.
            it has all gonw v quiet…are others not grappling wirh this? What do you think to this report? I would rather use my own set up, based on your instructions..much more transparent ans flexible.

          • David Pott says:

            I think that if a school uses this report as a predictor of the values they will get in 2016 then they are unlikely to be very accurate. But then again, if they use the proper KS2 fine decimal levels and the latest national A8 estimates, schools are also unlikley to get an accurate result! I suggest that the P8/A8 part of the report might be useful to look for relative gaps between different vulnerable groups in schools but NOT as a guide to the final P8 score.

            I was at BETT last week and mentioned these issues directly to the assessment product manager – so perhaps if schools keep logging this issue on SupportNet?

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Dave

    The DfE makes this data available for Y11 pupils but not for earlier years (ASCL are trying to change this)

    What about the boycotted tests. Year 11 has an awful lot of gaps. Any idea what I should be using for that (Average Point Score).

    • David Pott says:

      I believe that FFT also makes this data available to its subscribers. Plus the FFT data is for Y7 to Y11.

      I’ve never seen any official guidance on what to use for Y11. Many schools have mentioned using teacher assessments, either from summer Y6 or early Y7 assessment. Maybe one of the readers of this blog can help?

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