Using SIMS to Convert to New GCSE Grades 1-8

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  1. NeilTT says:

    It’s a Friday afternoon and I have a horrible feeling I might be making a fool of myself commenting on this, or that I’ve missed something…but isn’t the whole point that the new numeric grades are NOT simply equivalents of the current ones? The bottom of the current grade ‘C’ will be equivalent to the bottom of new grade 4 (not 5), but other than that there will be no equivalence.

    • David Pott says:

      No you’ve not missed anything! The Progress 8 guide issued by the DfE ( gives us an equivalence table (page 15) that pretty clearly says an old C is a new 5 but that’s only for 2016. In 2017, when the new grade 9 is introduced for English and Maths, everything is up for grabs again and yes, grade boundaries won’t be so clear cut. But for now I can’t think past 2016!

      • NeilTT says:

        Yes, I see what you mean: when the Attainment 8 and Progress 8 scores are calculated, a GCSE ‘C’ will be worth 5 points, a ‘D’ will be worth 4, etc, and for this purpose using a lookup table might be useful. That’s not quite what I understood ‘New GCSE Grades 1-8’ to be referring to.
        I am currently calculating both Attainment 8 and Progress 8 for our KS4 cohorts (the Y11 cohort won’t be measured on this, but it may provide a useful comparison). For the Progress 8 I am using the Attainment 8 estimates based on 2013 data that you linked to somewhere else on your site (unfortunately I don’t have a record of where) – thank you very much, that was very useful! (As you point out, the national Attainment 8 scores will rise as schools adapt to the new measures.)

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