Creating an Assessment System for Primary Schools

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  1. Michael Tidd says:

    Isn’t the problem here that “points” cease to mean anything in the absence of levels, and so are only really any use for Y2/Y6 in the forthcoming year?

    • David Pott says:

      The article is written both for schools who will continue to use levels for another 12 months and for schools who want to move to something else.

      ‘How will you measure progress?’ is a still a valid question to ask. I’m just back from a school that wanted to measure points. Not old fashioned national curriculum points but new points based on progress through various criteria.

      I’m very interested to hear what schools plan on doing!

      • Michael Tidd says:

        I appreciate that your role is simply to support schools in delivering what they think they need. However, it does worry me that schools are taking the opportunity of the scrapping of levels to simply create new forms of levels with ever-more-meaningless subdivisions.
        The department has clearly failed in getting its message out about what assessment should look like.

        • David Pott says:

          It is so very easy to reinvent levels by accident!

          Rather than count jumps or steps for individual pupils some schools are looking at measuring the performance of the cohort as the percentage that meets or exceeds expectations. To me that sounds like a better way?

          • Michael Tidd says:

            I would agree that that would be preferable. At the individual level, as soon as we start replacing knowledge about learning with numbers to represent it, we lose the most valuable information we have.
            At cohort level, numbers makes sense.

  2. sgregory86 says:

    Would this system work as a measure of progress for pupils with SEND aged up to 19?

    • David Pott says:

      SIMS Assessment Manager is as flexible as an excel spreadsheet – so yes, I’m sure it can create a system for SEND pupils. I’ve previously created a system that used PIVATS for SEND pupils.

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