Beta Testing SIMS Marksheets for the new National Curriculum

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  1. James Rogers says:

    This appears to be for KS1 and KS2. Is it also planned for KS3?

    • David Pott says:

      Yes, a KS3 version is being planned by Capita for release this year. I’m not sure if it will be the Summer or Autumn release though.

  2. Josh says:

    Hi David, great blog post, thanks for sharing your experiences. Whilst using the beta, did you notice whether these new marksheets/templates opened up new types of aspect in AM7? I work in a secondary school and the layout of these sheets look like they could be incredibly useful to use if we can create our own versions of them.

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Josh, the aspects used by the new marksheets are just ordinary aspects, as per the old ‘progress grids’. There’s currently no way of create your own versions of these marksheets (so no templates for us to create or amend) but Capita are planning to include the ability for schools to create and design their own versions. I don’t know when this is planned for, but it does seem to be high on Capita’s priorities.

  3. Julie says:

    Hi David. This is really useful – thank you. Will there be a method of recording the statutory end of key stage results that we still have to produce within these marksheets? Also, do you know if SIMS are planning to produce something similar for early years – we use the standard marksheets and progress grids, but it would be good to have something consistent right the way through from EY to KS3.

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Julie, I’m not sure that the format of the the end of KS results has even been decided by the DfE yet so I’m not expecting anything from Capita just yet. I know the level descriptors for KS2 went out for consultation before Christmas and were widely disliked. There are some changes to the existing EYFS system in the Spring release, but they still don’t use these new marksheets.

  4. Deborah Estcourt says:

    Hi I’m a novice at sims assessment. Was using Target Tracker but trying to change all teachers over to sims by the end of the current academic yr. I am assured that I can get all the similar data assessment sheets for slt purposes from sims, but as yet cannot seem to be able to do it. Could you send me a step by step guide for this. I find the online guides a bit weighty to read.

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Deborah, These marksheets are so new they haven’t been released yet – we’ll have to wait until after Easter before they’re included in the Spring 2015 update to SIMS. Meanwhile, it is possible to record summative ‘assessment without levels’ with the current version of SIMS. If you are new to SIMS it’s rather complicated so I recommend getting in some external advice either from your local support unit, directly from Capita, or from an independent consultant (cough). If you are continuing with levels for a bit longer, you might find this document useful – it describes how to use the built in ‘tracking progress’ marksheets that every school running SIMS has access to. It is a weighty read, but worthwhile!

  5. Katy Cullen says:

    Thank you David – great video demo and summary of functionality.
    Are we allowed access to the Beta Testing even as a view only ?
    Is it possible to have a list of Strands for each Subject area for KS1 and KS2 – both Statutory and non ? This will make it easier for us to assess the usefulness alongside our curriculum and in particular to our Creative Curriculum that we follow.

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Katy, the beta test is only available to pilot schools and local support units. The spring release is due at the end of March so not long to wait. I think Capita have made all the strands available, as per the national curriculum documents.

  6. Karen Swain says:

    David, I have had access to the Beta version which I do quite like.
    Is there any way of seeing the progress the children make across a strand on one sheet instead of having to go into each term separately?

    • David Pott says:

      Hi Karen, yes there is. I haven’t mentioned it in the article above but there is a new ‘subject/strand’ report which looks at each statement within the strand and show the pupil’s current attainment. It can also show the attainment in each prior term as well. I’ll try and upload a demo soon!

  7. Laura says:

    Hi, is there a way of schools writing their own criteria to assess against E,D,S and M in place of the National curriculum statements? e.g. if at KS3/KS4 we wanted to use the same system to assess against GCSE exam board criteria.

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