SIMS assessment pros and cons

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  1. Gary Skelton says:

    PROs – All of the above and…
    Assessment knows what each grade is worth (and this can be changed easily) – a pain in something like Excel.
    Discover Add-on – Analysis that can feed out of and back into SIMS
    Flexibility – able to create all manner of marksheets for various uses, audience and data collection/analysis purposes
    Relational – collect once – use everywhere
    Hard for users to break (unlike spreadsheets)
    Reporting (Profiles and Individual) – beats a mailmerge any day.

    CONS – (I think a lot of this will be ‘fixed’ in the next generation) –
    clunky, small step formulas
    Only able to create formulas based on preceeding columns, not anywhere in the list
    moving columns is a pain
    Assessment can be slow on big marksheets.

  2. VikPaw says:

    Easy to export data to Excel, for those that must, or for advanced manipulation.
    Relatively easy to reimport data (^), or pull in external assessment data and link to students.
    Ability to import config from another school / user.

    Teachers can’t easily create their own data collections or data types.

  3. Gary Skelton says:

    cons – calculations in marksheets are only to 2 decimal places. Try multiplying something by 0.125 (12 and a half percent)

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