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SIMS Questionnaire 2017

Please would you could complete this short questionnaire? It asks 5 questions about yourself and the skills you need to do your job. I’ll share the results when all the replies are in! powered by Typeform


Graphing GLD EYFS Data in SIMS Discover

In an earlier post I described how you can install the latest EYFS marksheets and use them to calculate the GLD (good level of development) measure. I’ve also blogged about running the special SIMS report that creates an Excel spreadsheet to analyse that data. In this post I’ll show you how to generate a set of useful graphs using SIMS Discover. What is SIMS Discover? Discover has been around for a few years now, but...


Analysing GLD EYFS results in SIMS 2017

If you’ve followed the instruction in my previous blog post and calculated the good level of development measure for your EYFS pupils you be delighted to know that, if you are interested in analysing GLD EYFS results, SIMS now allows you to create a very deep analysis of your EYFS data. Here’s an screenshot and a video walk through: The report analyses the number and percentage of pupils achieving the GLD in each of the...


SIMS assessment pros and cons

Last week someone asked me to summarise what SIMS assessment does well and what it doesn’t. I’m aware that SIMS can be a bit like marmite for many people – they love it or hate it. Here’s an honest review of SIMS pros and cons (with thanks to Gary Skelton who added to my original list of seven with an extra six excellent reasons of his own. Gary’s suggestions are in italics). Sims assessment pros: Flexibility. SIMS...


Calculating EYFS Good Level of Development

Capita have release a set of EYFS marksheets that will be very useful for primary schools that want to identify the pupils who attained a Good Level of Development. Here’s a sample: A good level of development (GLD) at the end of the early years foundation stage (EYFS) is a key measure of primary school effectiveness. A child is deemed to have attained a good level of development if they attained at least the expected level of...


Next Generation SIMS

SIMS 8 is nearly here! These days I spend rather too much time apologising for SIMS. Not for what it can do, but for how it looks. SIMS is an old battle-axe of a system: it does what is says on the tin, it’s tough as old boots but it won’t win any awards for the good looks. Younger and newer pupil databases often look much better but often lack the functional depth of SIMS....


EduLink One from Titus Learning

Last month I met with Titus Learning. They have partnered with Overnet Data to offer Edulink One – a mobile app which gives teachers, students and parents a single interface to share SIMS reports, documents and information. The app is clean and well designed. It doesn’t do everything that Sims can do – it’s not intended to – but it can be used to complete registers, view catering information, record behaviour and achievement, view timetables...


RAISE inspection dashboard update

Earlier this month Capita SIMS released the latest update to their KS4 Resources. The updates include a new report (the RAISE inspection dashboard) that mirrors some of the latest reports in RAISE online. You’ll find some screenshots below. The reports allow very deep analysis of your schools P8 and A8 statistics. To run the report, you’ll need to install the KS4 Resources. You can find the KS4 resource on the myAccount assessment newsfeed. If you need...


An Overview of Capita SIMS at BETT 2017

Last month I was at the the BETT 2017 exhibition at the Excel Centre in London. The big Capita SIMS stand was one of the busiest, as usual. These were my highlights: SIMS Interventions SIMS Interventions allows schools to set up and then allocate pupils to costed interventions. The effectiveness of interventions can be measured using objectives defined by the school and although hard-edged assessment data can be used, so can more subjective and ‘softer’...


Updated RAISE Inspection Dashboards

This announcement was posted to Capita SIMS MyAccount on the 6th February 2017.  Anyone using the KS4 resources updated as of 23rd January can import the revised report and start using it immediately. If you don’t have the 23rd January update, the link is within the announcement (below): We were originally proposing not to release a new version of this report until the validated RAISE Inspection Dashboards were released to schools, but it seems that this...