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Extending SIMS Programme of Study Marksheets: Summative Assessment

Capita recently released a their new ‘programme of study marksheets‘. They allow teachers to record a grade against each and every statement in the entire national curriculum. They work well, but there’s no option to give an ‘overall’ summative assessment for a subject. Here’s a solution I worked out for a school that wanted a closer link between formative assessments and the overall strand and summative subject assessments. Why Summative Assessment Still Matters To explain,...


SIMS and Chris Quigley Assessment

Several people have asked about SIMS and Chris Quigley assessment milestones. Well, here’s a system I developed for a school last week. As with most systems, the school wanted a few tweeks and changes to fit in with it’s existing system, but the flexibility of SIMS means that any changes are quick to make. Here’s a demo video to show you what it looks like: I’ve developed systems based on the popular Chris Quigley method...


SIMS Programme of Study Course: use the new Assessment without Levels marksheets

I was busy over Easter creating this SIMS Programme of Study Course to showcase how schools can use the new ‘programme of study’ marksheets. You can access the course from this website: (For a small number of schools your web filter might block access – you should be able to get the site unblocked via your usual tech support team)  


Beta Testing SIMS Marksheets for the new National Curriculum

In the spring 2015 release of SIMS schools will have access to Capita’s new marksheets designed to allow schools to record assessment against the new national curriculum 2014. It’s the biggest new development in SIMS for several years as it constitutes their first attempt at adapting SIMS for formative assessment. Tip: If you’re a non-teacher and not familiar with the new national curriculum 2014 here’s a link to the curriculum documentation – now’s a good time...

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SIMS and the Michael Tidd ‘Key Objectives’ system for KS1 and KS2

As readers of my other blog ( will be aware, I’m working with an increasing number of schools to create assessment systems that don’t rely on levels and sublevels. Here’s the latest in a set of small demo systems that exist as a sort of ‘proof of concept’ for the various new pupil tracking systems which are being developed by schools, LAs and consultancies to respond to the demains of the new primary curriculum 2014. This time...


Attainment 8: Calculating the New Measure

Back in October 2013 (pdf), updated in January 2014 (pdf) and again in March 2014 (pdf), the government published the details for the new Attainment 8 measure. Although we still don’t know exactly how the related Performance 8 measure will be calculated, we do know that it will be based on difference between your school’s Attainment 8 and the national average Attainment 8 measure. Reading the DfE’s documents above makes the calculation sound complex and confusing, but it...


Creating a Group Analysis to Show APS Progress

Group Analyses are one of assessment manager’s ‘hidden gems’ – many school never use them and miss out on a very powerful analysis tool. An APS grid will quickly calculate the average point score (APS) of a group of pupils, showing progress term by term. The groups are commonly year groups, but can be pupil premium pupils, SEN or almost any potentially vulnerable group. Here’s an example of an APS group analysis: These grids are...


Assertive Mentoring Reports using SIMS Assessment Manager

Assertive Mentoring Report Assertive Mentoring is an increasingly popular suite of resources to raise standards in primary and secondary schools. I’ve worked with several schools recently to incorporate key assertive mentoring techniques into their assessment manager system – and one of the key outputs is shown above. It’s a 360 degree view of all the issues that might stop the pupil achieving. This is the form as it rolls off the printer, one per pupil and...


Resource to Download: APS Analysis Grids

I wrote earlier about using group analysis grids to calculate the average point score of groups of pupils and hence calculate the APS progress of the group. Here’s a set of analyses that you can download and install. Before you download, a few caveats: The file has been virus checked and zipped up, you’ll need to unzip it before you import it. You’ll need to using Capita’s primary school tracking marksheets. If your marksheets begin...