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August 2017 Updates to the KS4 Resources

As of the 11th August 2017 there’s a new version of the KS4 resources available for download. The new download incorporates the new average Ebacc and standard pass measures. Here’s the details from the KS4 resources newsfeed: To try to keep up to date with all of the changes made by the DfE we have updated some of the KS4 resources.  These can be found here along with the latest versions of all of the resources.  These...


KS4 resources ‘shadow data’

At the end of March the DfE published the estimates for Attainment 8, English, Maths, Ebacc and Open for last year’s (2016) cohort, but recalculating them using this year’s conversion values (a C is worth 4 in 2017 but was worth 5 in 2016). For most schools this ‘shadow data’ will have the effect of raising school P8 scores by about 0.5. Confusingly, the DfE have only released 2016 estimates for some, not all, subjects (no...


KS4 resource tips: using 2016 points not 2017

If you are a data manager in a secondary school you’ll be aware that in 2016 the DfE provided us with a table to help us translate from old the A*-G grades to the new 9-1 grades. In 2017 those values have changed (see table below) making it difficult for schools to compare different cohorts. A few schools have asked if its possible to use the 2017 KS4 resource templates (CAS KS4 Overview 2017…) with...