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SIMS assessment pros and cons

Last week someone asked me to summarise what SIMS assessment does well and what it doesn’t. I’m aware that SIMS can be a bit like marmite for many people – they love it or hate it. Here’s an honest review of SIMS pros and cons (with thanks to Gary Skelton who added to my original list of seven with an extra six excellent reasons of his own. Gary’s suggestions are in italics). Sims assessment pros: Flexibility. SIMS...


Next Generation SIMS

SIMS 8 is nearly here! These days I spend rather too much time apologising for SIMS. Not for what it can do, but for how it looks. SIMS is an old battle-axe of a system: it does what is says on the tin, it’s tough as old boots but it won’t win any awards for the good looks. Younger and newer pupil databases often look much better but often lack the functional depth of SIMS....