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Graphing GLD EYFS Data in SIMS Discover

In an earlier post I described how you can install the latest EYFS marksheets and use them to calculate the GLD (good level of development) measure. I’ve also blogged about running the special SIMS report that creates an Excel spreadsheet to analyse that data. In this post I’ll show you how to generate a set of useful graphs using SIMS Discover. What is SIMS Discover? Discover has been around for a few years now, but...


Video: New SIMS Discover Configuration Utility

Here’s a quick demo of the new Discover Administration utility (you might want to expand it to full screen). The re-vamped ‘configuration utility’ (as it was originally called) is more user friendly and adopts a step-by-step wizard approach to creating Discover graphs. A further refinement, allowing the bulk creation of graphs, it is slated for the summer release.


First Look at SIMS Discover Exam Graphs

November 2012 saw the release of the new Exam Graphs in SIMS Discover. Unlike graphs based on a school’s assessment data (which need to be created individually by each school) these exam graphs work straight out of the box – you don’t need to do anything to set them up other than to install the latest version of Discover. Strategically, this is an important new release for SIMS Discover. For the first time many schools...


A Model for SIMS Support: Merton Council

At the recent SIMS Conference for LAs and Local Support Units I chatted with Rachael Marshman from the London Borough of Merton. Since joining the Sims support team from the private sector, Rachael has helped Merton to build up a highly valued SIMS support service to schools in her borough. Specifically, she’s been using Discover to identify and set up dynamic groups relevant to her schools and linking these groups to performance analysis within SIMS...


Graphing Progress in Reading with SIMS Discover

Here’s a simple but useful graph from SIMS Discover. It plots the APS of a single year group over a period of 6 years, term by term (in blue) against  their end of year target (in pink). I’ll publish the instructions for creating your own version of this graph over the next few days but in the meantime I’ve posted the graph as a file you can download and import into your SIMS Discover configuration utility. Before...


New Features in Assessment Manager Due in Spring 2012

Capita have confirmed the changes to assessment manager due in the Spring 2012 release. There’s several very welcome improvements, some of which we have been waiting a long time for!  I’ve put Capita’s wording in quotes and added my comment alongside. First, assessment: “Drop-down filters have been added to the Marksheet, which show only pupil/students with certain results.” – Hopefully this will allow users to select just the users with grade or levels above or...


SIMS Discover and ‘Traffic Lights’ Marksheets

Introduction Many schools use some kind of ‘traffic lights’ or ‘ragging’ on their marksheets to indicate if a pupil is below, on or above their school target. Commonly, as well as a colour, these columns will display A, O or B for ‘Above’, ‘On’ or ‘Below’ target (or perhaps +,= or – symbols). We’re developing a set of SIMS Discover graphs to highlight pupils who are working on, above or below their school target. We...