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SIMS Primary, where are you?

Introduction At BETT in January 2018, Capita launched SIMS Primary – the new version of SIMS for primary schools. Promoted as the replacement for SIMS 7, it offered a re-designed interface, web browser compatibility and a re-designed assessment system. It looked good, and people keep asking me when it will be available. But, I suspect all is not running to schedule with SIMS Primary. Why? Not much to see here The number of schools using...

Assessment in SIMS Next Generation 2

Assessment in SIMS Next Generation

In a previous post I talked in general terms about the changes to assessment in SIMS Next Generation. In this post I’m going to focus on assessment and what the changes to assessment manager will mean for those of us who develop systems in SIMS. Results will migrate Its important to reassure SIMS users that no results will be harmed when schools migrate to the new version. Your data is safe! Its also nice to...

Next Generation SIMS 0

Next Generation SIMS – what we know so far

I was lucky enough to be invited again to  the recent SIMS Annual Conference. The focus of the conference was on SIMS Primary, the next generation SIMS product. In my next post I’ll talk about the specific changes for assessment in next generation SIMS, but first let’s look at the bigger picture for the whole of SIMS. Background to Next Generation SIMS The next version of SIMS will be entirely cloud based. There will be no...