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Analysing GLD EYFS results in SIMS 2017

If you’ve followed the instruction in my previous blog post and calculated the good level of development measure for your EYFS pupils you be delighted to know that, if you are interested in analysing GLD EYFS results, SIMS now allows you to create a very deep analysis of your EYFS data. Here’s an screenshot and a video walk through: The report analyses the number and percentage of pupils achieving the GLD in each of the...


Importing Data from Excel into SIMS Assessment

One of my most frequently asked questions is ‘how do I import grades from an Excel spreadsheet into SIMS Assessment Manager. Here’s how: Step 1: Clean the Excel File Ready for Import Open your Excel file and check that the columns you want to import¬†contains the forename and surname of each pupil, preferably in two separate columns. Ideally the spreadsheet should also contain the pupil UPN numbers too, though this is not essential, it will...