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Another Easy Way to Calculate Levels of Progress in SIMS

My previous blog article on how to calculate levels of progress using SIMS is one of the most visited pages on this entire site, so it’s clearly a very common task for data managers in secondary schools. As with many SIMS tasks, there is more than one way to accomplish the same task so I thought I would share an alternative technique. Check your KS2 and KS4 Data Identify the aspect and result set combination...


An Easy Way to Calculate a Pupil’s Levels of Progress from KS2 to KS4 with SIMS

With OFSTED now focusing on the progress pupils make between KS2 and KS4 it’s more important than ever that schools have a very clear idea exactly how much progress both individual pupils and the various groups within school are making. Currently, Ofsted are using levels of progress from KS2 to KS4 as the main metric for judging the progress made by secondary school pupils. Over the last 12 months I’ve been in several secondary schools where...