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KS4 Resources October 2017 Update 0

KS4 Resources Update October 2017

Capita have just released a new update to their KS4 Resources. If you use the resources you will want to download this update asap. The update includes the latest progress estimates, plus an update to allow combined science to recorded. New scatter graphs are also included. Note that if you want to use combined science aspect included in the release, you will have to wait till you get the autumn term SIMS update (in the...

Making sense of progress 8 2

Making sense of progress 8

Over the last few months many schools have been obsessing about progress 8 scores and I’ve watched a few schools get worked-up if the value of progress 8 was one decimal point above or below a specific value. That’s why it was reassuring to see advice from David Blow in Schoolsweek, Leading Learner and from Data Educator that any calculation of P8 was inherently flawed: all calculations are currently based on the 2015 attainment 8 estimates. The clue...


Attainment 8: Calculating the New Measure

Back in October 2013 (pdf), updated in January 2014 (pdf) and again in March 2014 (pdf), the government published the details for the new Attainment 8 measure. Although we still don’t know exactly how the related Performance 8 measure will be calculated, we do know that it will be based on difference between your school’s Attainment 8 and the national average Attainment 8 measure. Reading the DfE’s documents above makes the calculation sound complex and confusing, but it...