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KS4 Targets from KS2 Scaled Scores 0

Calculating KS4 Targets from KS2 Scaled Scores using SIMS

Calculating KS4 targets from KS2 scaled scores is something many schools are starting to consider since the new format KS2 results were published in July. Here’s a video demonstration showing how you can use SIMS Assessment to calculate a KS4 target from a KS2 scaled score. The example is based on the blog post by Peter Atherton in his DataEducator blog. Read the post first, and remember that the targets Peter sets in the post are tailored for...


Graphing Progress in Reading with SIMS Discover

Here’s a simple but useful graph from SIMS Discover. It plots the APS of a single year group over a period of 6 years, term by term (in blue) against  their end of year target (in pink). I’ll publish the instructions for creating your own version of this graph over the next few days but in the meantime I’ve posted the graph as a file you can download and import into your SIMS Discover configuration utility. Before...