Traffic light or ‘ragging’ systems are often designed to compare a target with a teacher assessment and then display a plus, equals or minus sign if the teacher assessments is more than, the same as, or below the target.

Well, here’s a useful tip: If you make sure the ‘on target’ result is saved to a suitable grade aspect you can perform some very useful analyses. By ‘suitable’ I mean that you save the plus/equals/minus result into an aspect that uses gradeset containing only +, = or – symbols. In this first example I’ll show you how to use ‘on track’ aspects to answer a common question asked by school improvement partners (SIPs)

How many pupils are on track to make 12 points progress?

This one’s easy: open your marksheet and find your ‘on target’ column. Right click on the column heading and choose ‘Show Grade Distribution’. You’ll get a table that shows what percentage of pupils are above, on or below target. In the second column (the cumulative total) check the figure for the pupils who are ‘on target’. This column actually shows you how many of your pupils are on track to make or exceed their target.  A useful figure for SIPs or for OFSTED.

In the next post I’ll describe how to use ‘on target’ aspects to look across several aspects to highlight differences between subjects using an ‘Aspect Analysis’.