Tip: Use the full screen display to get the best from this demo. You might also need to turn the sound up a little.

Here’s a short (3 minute) screencast showing how you can get some simple analyses out of any marksheet. By the end of the demo you’ll know:

  • how to use the ‘grade distribution’ option to analyse the numbers of pupils in each grade band. For example, how many pupils are working at level 4b.
  • how to use the summary rows to look for year-on-year or term-by-term progress for a group of pupils. For example, to compare the average point score (APS) of the pupils in the autumn term with their APS in the summer term.

The demo is aimed at beginner users of assessment manager. It also assumes that you’re using the tracking system provided by Capita, or similar. It is equally applicable to KS1, KS2 or KS3.