Here’s a 5 minute demonstration of some little-used features of assessment manager: tracking grids and chance analyses. In the video I analyse Year 11 maths results first using a marksheet, then a chance analysis, and finally a tracking grid. By using this combination of techniques I can focus in on various groups of pupils and identify individuals and groups who are failing to make progress towards their end of year target.

Tracking Grids are sometimes know as ‘brick wall reports’. They are popular in primary schools because they can display the current level of every child in the school on a single sheet of A4 paper. They are less popular at secondary school, perhaps because a whole school population just won’t fit onto a single sheet of paper, nevertheless they are a very useful way of viewing a subject, year or even keystage. Importantly, the pupils can be further filtered by a variety of ‘barriers to attainment’.

Chance Analyses are very similar to tracking grids, but they don’t show individual pupil names directly. Hence they are more suitable to summarising large cohorts of pupils.

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