Here’s a simple but useful graph from SIMS Discover. It plots the APS of a single year group over a period of 6 years, term by term (in blue) against  their end of year target (in pink). I’ll publish the instructions for creating your own version of this graph over the next few days but in the meantime I’ve posted the graph as a file you can download and import into your SIMS Discover configuration utility.

Before you download, a few caveats and requests:

  1. The file has been virus checked and zipped up, you’ll need to unzip it before you import it.
  2. You’ll need to have SIMS Discover already installed on your PC (obviously).
  3. You’ll need to using Capita’s primary school tracking marksheets. If your marksheets begin with the initials CES then your probably good to go, if you’re not sure check that the aspects your system uses begin with the initials TP. If you’re still not sure, check with your SIMS support unit.
  4. Make sure you have some data inputted for your current Y6 pupils. Any missing terms and the graph will show gaps.
  5. These graphs are offered ‘as is’ with no liability on my part for any problems they cause on your system. Not that there should be any problems, but just in case.
  6. If you find this sort of download useful, let me know – I’ll publish more.

To download the graph, click on this link: [download id=”3″]. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Unzip the file and save it somewhere easy to navigate to
  2. Open the SIMS Discover Configuration utility (look in Start | All Programs | SIMS Applications)
  3. Login with your usual SIMS username and password
  4. Click the ‘import’ button at the top of the utility.
  5. Choose the Reading Graph from the list of ,erm, one graph.
  6. As a default the system will create the graph for your Y6 pupils, but note how easy it is to create a Y5 graph.
  7. Close the configuration utiltity and open SIMS Discover. You’ll find the graph in the assessment catalogue.

Let me know how you go on!