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I’ve always felt that senior school leaders need an overview of  SIMS to demonstrate exactly what is possible for a school that really pushes SIMS to its limits. So here’s a new course aimed at senior leaders within a school. It assumes no prior knowledge of SIMS and mixes some hands on exercises with demonstrations from the front.

It starts with a simple but impressive hands-on demo of the powerful analysis features that are available from every marksheet, goes on to discuss strategies for setting targets with assessment manager and then suggests ways that advanced marksheets can be used to get over the limitations of the standard Capita system.

Recording P-scales, starred grades and EYFS scores in Y1 are also discussed and linked to a discussion on how best to measure progress using SIMS. Tracking grids are introduced and used as tools to demonstrate progress. Finally, SIMS Discover is demonstrated.

The course can be delivered to individual schools, cluster groups or local authorities. Contact me for further details. Full course details are below.

Basic Marksheet Analysis

  • Grade distributions
  • Summary rows
  • Group Filter
  • Extra columns

Target Setting

Key Stage 1

  • FSP6 to KS1 2b
  • FSP9 to L3+

Key Stage 2

  • Based on KS1 result
  • 12, 14, 16 point termly targets
  • importing FFT

Tracking Progress

Advanced Marksheets

  • Half termly assessment
  • Starred grades and point scores
  • Recording P Scales
  • FSP scores in Y1

Measuring Progress on Marksheets

  • Progress since end of last year
  • Progress to (or difference from) target
  • On track to get 12 points
  • On track to get to L4+ or L5+

Tracking Grids

  • FSP to KS1 Progress
  • KS1 to this term
  • How many children with a 2b at KS1 are a 3b by the end of Y4?

On Track Analysis

  • How many of Y5 are on track to make 12 points progress in both English and Maths?
  • How many Y4 pupils an track to achieve a L4+ in Maths?
  • How many points progress have our pupils made in reading since KS1?

SIMS Homepage

  • How many pupils are below, just below, on or above pupil individual target?
  • How many pupils have regressed, stayed the same, or improved since end of last year?
  • What grades are Y6 or Y5 attaining across all 3 core subjects?
  • How many pupils attained 8 or 9 points at EYFS?
  • How many pupils were 2b at KS1?

Pupil Teacher View

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Assessment and Attendance Summaries


  • Viewing marksheets and adding behaviour points from register screens
  • Identifying persistent absentees

Behaviour and Achievement

  • Ease of use
  • Identifying trends

SIMS Discover

  • Low, average and higher attainment at EYFS and KS1 – impact on later attainment (‘closing the gap’)
  • Term by term attainment
  • L3+ Venns