Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Amir Kuckovic via Compfight

Many schools are asked to calculate the average points score (APS) of a group of pupils. Schools then need to compare this term’s APS with last term’s APS or, more commonly, the APS of the same group of pupils as they stood at the end of the previous academic year. In Excel, this typically takes hours of careful calculation. Let Assessment Manager do the hard work and you can save hours of senior management time. Here’s a simple analysis grid that you can create in Assessment Manager:

This grid summarises each year group in school and shows the group’s average points score for each term. So at a glance you can see their current APS score and compare it with last term’s APS, with last year’s APS or with the APS at the end of the last key stage.

The grid above is displaying the APS for a whole year group. But we can easily filter the results to show just our free school meals children, or just the summer born boys. To demonstrate this, I’ve recorded this short video: