Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Daniel Kulinski via Compfight

Here’s a new feature of marksheets you might have missed. As of the Spring 2012 release, did you know that you can filter a marksheets based on the values within a column?

For example, you can filter a marksheet to only display pupils with a teacher of assessment higher than (say) a 5c.  If you’ve got the latest SIMS release you’ll automatically have access to this function but it’s so hard to find you’d be forgiven for missing it!

To find the filter button, open any marksheet and hover your mouse over a column heading. You’ll see a tiny funnel icon appear in the top right corner of the header. Move the mouse out of the header and the icon will disappear. Here’s a screenshot to help you find it – I’ve added a big red arrow to help!

Click on the button and you’ll be presented with a list of the values the column contains. Put a tick against the values you want to display. Here’s another screen shot:


That’s not all. There’s a raft of more sophisticated filters we can now apply. Once you have the filter operational, scroll down towards the bottom of the marksheet. You see a new grey bar (below).

Click on the ‘edit filter’ button and you’ll be presented with a very powerful filter editor. In the following screenshot I’ve created a filter to display high attaining pupils who also have poor attendance.

Note that you can apply the filter to all the columns on a marksheet, even columns like percentage attendance and FSM.

All in all this is an amazing new feature. I can see immediate uses in helping to identify correlations between (say) poor attendance and low attainment. Congratulations to Capita for developing this feature but why make it so hard to find?