Sometimes you just need to list the pupils who have a vulnerability, any vulnerability. Maybe you need a list of the pupils with any one vulnerability from a list of several.  Previously you’d need to apply successive group filters but using the new dropdown filters in Assessment Manager you can display a list of pupils with any one of a range of vulnerabilities.  Have a look at this:

When applied to a marksheet it lists the pupils who are receiving FSM or are looked after, or who are poor attenders or who are at school action, school action plus or who are statemented. They just need to be in one of the catagories to be displayed on the marksheet. I’ll post some step by step instructions later.

Note: The new dropdown filters aren’t perfect. For example, they don’t ‘understand’ national curriculum sub-levels. For example a 2a is less than a 2b (not vice versa). The filters seem to work just on alphabetical order.