Although you can create a lot of useful data analysis just using a simple marksheet, SIMS Assessment Manager also provides a range of analysis and tracking tools to create even more powerful analyses. Here’s a useful analysis (with my comments in red):

Aspect Analysis

The grid shows the progress made by our year 5 pupils term-by-term since key stage 1.

  • the Attainment column shows us the APS of the group, term by term
  • the Target column shows us what the APS target is for the group, term by term
  • ‘In year progress’ shows us how much progress (in NC points) has been made by the pupils since the end of the previous year
  • ‘Progress to target’ tells us, on average, how many NC points above or below target the group is working at

This grid shows the averages for the whole of Year 5. It’s just as easy (and quick) to filter the grid to show FSM, SEN, EAL or almost any other vulnerable group.

Although this grid doesn’t come as standard with SIMS Assessment Manager, most Assessment Manager systems can generate grids like this with a little bit of configuration. Contact your local SIMS Support Unit for more information, or drop me an email.