I’ve recently been working to improve the way my School Analytics Marksheets help schools identify pupils who are under performing. Schools define under performance in different ways, depending on their mix of pupils. What became clear was that we needed to include at least three different measures of performance for each pupil.

  • Progress towards their termly target
  • Progress since the previous key stage
  • Progress since the start of the academic year (‘in year progress’)

The screenshot above shows how the new marksheets help teachers to tell the story of a child’s progress using the progress measures above.

Some of the most exciting sessions I’ve held in school have been ‘eureka moments’ where teachers see a hidden trend for the first time. Perhaps identifying a bright pupil, ahead of target, but who has made no progress for a couple of terms. Or recognizing the achievements of a child with barriers to learning suddenly making 2 sub-levels progress within a year. Or adding percentage attendance data to marksheets and identifying pupils whose poor attainment is linked to poor attendance.