Over the past few months I’ve been trying to gauge how schools are adapting their KS1 target setting methods to incorporate the new EYFS framework. So here we are at the start of the new academic year: how are schools setting KS1 targets?

Students taking year end exams World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight

From my small sample (5 schools, mainly in northwest England) most schools have given up trying to base a KS1 target on the limited ‘Exceeding/Expected/Emerging’ judgement that pupils receive at the end of Reception.

Instead, most schools are planning to use a national curriculum sub level baseline as early as possible in the Autumn Term of Year 1.

For these schools, the baseline will be informed both by teacher assessment but also by the EYFS profile and, for ’emerging’ pupils, by the ages and stages judgement (eg 30-50 months).

Translating this into SIMS Assessment Manager systems is actually quite straightforward. I’ve already incorporated it into my School Analytics system. First, here’s an example of a marksheet that one school uses to set KS1 targets from the Y1 baseline:

Screenshot of EYFS Changes 2013

Screenshot of EYFS Changes 2013

In the example above, the school can enter a baseline Y1 assessment into the third column, press the calculate button and SIMS Assessment Manager will calculate 6 termly targets from Y1 Autumn to Y2 Summer terms.

The actual targets can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual schools. So far, the schools I’ve talked to have looked to increment the baseline level by 1.5 to 2 sub levels (i.e 3 or 4 points) per year – hence a pupil baselined at a 1C is given a 1A target for the end of Y1 and a 2B target for the end of Year 2.

Again, its important to remember that the system can be configured to suit the needs of individual schools.

The termly tracking marksheets have been updated to measure yearly progress from the baseline rather than the Y1 Autumn term teacher assessment. Here’s an example of a Y1 tracking marksheet which incorporates the targets and the new EYFS profile:

Example tracker marksheet showing new EYFS results and targets

Here’s a brief video demo of the marksheets discussed in this article:

Finally, a plug for School Analytics – a pre configured set of assessment manager marksheets and analysis grids that incorporates all the changes above and provides primary schools with a quick way of using the best of SIMS assessment manager.