Update: In the original version of this post I said that secondary schools would have to wait until spring 2014 for their version. I was wrong! Secondary schools can print a version of the school report that includes all the metric for 5+A*-C EM, P8 and A8 measures.

One feature that I’ve been asked about many times by schools is a one-click analysis report that lists all the metrics used by RAISE online. Until now, I’ve had to show schools how to use a selection of tracking grids, analysis grids and old-fashioned marksheets to analyse their data. But analysis data this way can take a long, long time!

Last Friday Capita released the latest version of SIMS. For primary schools and for secondary schools, SIMS includes a ‘School Report’ which lists all the key metrics of attendance, behaviour, attainment and progress, grouped by EAL, FSM, Pupil Premium, Looked After and a raft of other measures.

I think senior managers will find this report to be the single most important strategic analysis tool at their disposal. To give you an example of the power of this new report here are some selected screenshots (the full report contains over 70 pages):


Over the next few weeks I’ll road test it as much as possible, but in the meantime here’s a link to an example of the complete output from the school report:

SchoolReport (pdf)

One caveat: if you have created your own assessment system (and therefore you are not using Capita’s own set of marksheets – sometimes called the TP system, or the CAS Tracking Progress marksheets) you will need to use the new Assessment Mapping Tool so that the School Report ‘knows’ where your assessment data is stored.

More soon…