Several people have asked about SIMS and Chris Quigley assessment milestones. Well, here’s a system I developed for a school last week. As with most systems, the school wanted a few tweeks and changes to fit in with it’s existing system, but the flexibility of SIMS means that any changes are quick to make. Here’s a demo video to show you what it looks like:

I’ve developed systems based on the popular Chris Quigley method for several schools and it does lend itself very well to SIMS. If you watch the demo video above you’ll see that we grade each pupil from Basic 1, Basic 2, Advancing 1, Advancing 2, Deep 1 and Deep 2 within each of the three milestones (hence grades from 1B1 through to 3D2). If you want a SIMS and Chris Quigley assessment system for your school, please get in touch or see