Capita have released a patch that enables the new KS3 Assessment resources – good news for secondary schools who want to test drive the new ‘programme of study’ marksheets before September.  If you don’t apply the patch you’ll need to wait till the Autumn release to get the new style marksheets. Here’s the announcement from Capita:

KS3 Programme of Study Patch

In response to customer requests, a database patch has been produced for secondary schools that will activate the new Assessment Programme of Study area within SIMS and populate with the KS3 National Curriculum ahead of the Autumn release.

This patch is available via SOLUS 2 and SOLUS 3 and is referenced: 20849 Patch to include KS3 Programme of Study Curriculum

What is this?

The Programme of Study is a new area within SIMS Assessment that allows for both the tracking of both formative and summative assessments against the National Curriculum.

Who should use this patch?

Secondary schools in England who would like to gain access to the Programme of Study functionality and review the KS3 curriculum prior to the Autumn release.

What if I don’t apply this patch?

Schools who choose not to apply this patch will automatically receive the KS3 Programme of Study updates as part of their upgrade to the Autumn release.

Please note: this patch provides access to the KS3 curriculum and uses the functionality currently developed for the primary school phase. Further enhancements are being introduced each full release to help support secondary schools to work with this new area but they will not be available with this patch.