SIMS Assessment Training

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Over the years I’ve often been asked to provide on-line SIMS assessment training. These days, the expense of traditional training, plus the need to provide cover for staff, means that many staff just can’t access traditional courses. I’ve noticed international schools needing a SIMS training option and I’m also seeing more and more private individuals approaching me to provide SIMS training, as SIMS skills are increasingly seen as advantageous for potential new members of staff.

So I’ve launched my on-line SIMS assessment manager training school. It contains courses that cover all the skills that school staff need to fully develop their SIMS assessment managersystems.

The courses in the school contain all the important skills and techniques that you’ll need to become a key member of your school’s data team. Each course is written by myself and based on over a decade of experience with other schools, nationwide. In the training courses I’ve concentrated on the key skills that you need to do your job – so no fluff.

The training has courses covering the following areas:

  • Creating aspects, grade sets and result sets
  • Templates for data entry and data review
  • Simple formulae
  • Adding RAG (red-amber-green) colours to marksheets
  • Using Capita’s KS4 resources
  • Tracking formative progress using the programme of study marksheets
  • EYFS tracking
  • Exam results analysis
  • SIMS Discover
  • Individual pupil reports
  • Advanced analysis

It’s aimed at the following SIMS users:

  • Data managers
  • SIMS managers
  • Assessment co-ordinators
  • Data entry officers
  • Senior staff
  • Independents schools
  • International schools
  • Support unit staff

The individual courses cost £50 but several courses are offered for free. A special assessment bundle includes all the courses for just £200. If you pay by credit card you can access and download the courses immediately. You can pay by invoice if you prefer and you can be up and running straight away.


Enroll now and start learning.