Calculating KS4 targets from KS2 scaled scores is something many schools are starting to consider since the new format KS2 results were published in July. Here’s a video demonstration showing how you can use SIMS Assessment to calculate a KS4 target from a KS2 scaled score.

The example is based on the blog post by Peter Atherton in his DataEducator blog. Read the post first, and remember that the targets Peter sets in the post are tailored for his pupils and are probably not directly suitable for your school without a good, long conversation with your senior management team.

Having said that, the general technique will work with almost any target. It is based on using a LOOKUP formula to convert  the scaled score into a 9-1 grade, which is then stored into a target aspect. In the video I use the technique to create an end of KS4 target but the same technique could also be used to generate a target for the end of each year, or even a set of flightpath targets for each term.

Here’s a PDF copy of the lookup table created in the video:

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