This announcement was posted to Capita SIMS MyAccount on the 6th February 2017.  Anyone using the KS4 resources updated as of 23rd January can import the revised report and start using it immediately. If you don’t have the 23rd January update, the link is within the announcement (below):

We were originally proposing not to release a new version of this report until the validated RAISE Inspection Dashboards were released to schools, but it seems that this will not now happen until the end of March, which is rather late. Therefore we have provided this version with unvalidated 2016 figures so that schools can make use of it until then.

This new version (v1.1) when used in conjunction with the templates published on 23rd January will, in addition to the figures in the previous version published on 12th December, also populate with analyses and graphs for Progress and Attainment in the ‘subject pillars’ of Science, Humanities and Languages.

There are now tabs for all the measures on the official RAISE report of Progress and Attainment 8, English, Maths, Ebacc, Open, Science, Humanities, Languages and Threshold measures.

Although the import file name has the extension of v1.1, the report itself will simply import over the previous version published on 12th December.  This is the only file which has changed but this and the latest versions of all of the resources can be found here.

Please note that:

  • This is very complex report which, depending how much data is to be analysed, may take a considerable time to run. Not particularly for extracting data from SIMS but for the time to process and display that data in Excel, the latter which may well take 2 or 3 minutes so please be patient even though the screen may go blank for a time.
  • Each graph has a button with a macro to rescale the graphs so that they fit better on the page, so the output file must be saved as a macro enabled Excel file in order for them to work.