If you’ve followed the instruction in my previous blog post and calculated the good level of development measure for your EYFS pupils you be delighted to know that, if you are interested in analysing GLD EYFS results, SIMS now allows you to create a very deep analysis of your EYFS data. Here’s an screenshot and a video walk through:

The report analyses the number and percentage of pupils achieving the GLD in each of the five key areas. A pupil has achieved GLD in a particular area if they are emerging or exceeding (also referred to as 2 or 3) in one of the five key areas. The important measure is the final one which indicates that they have achieved a GLD in all five key areas. The report also has another section (not pictured) which analyses the pupils who have exceeded (i.e 3 only) the GLD in any area and overall.

Not just for this year

  • Usefully this report can be run for any year group that was assessed using the current system of emerging, expected, exceeding (1,2,3) judgements.
  • So it will run for this year’s reception classes and also for each year up to Year 4 in 2016/17.
  • Earlier year goups were assessed under the 1-9 system and the report won’t work for them.

Getting hold of the GLD report

The report isn’t installed into your SIMS automatically. The best place to find it is on Capita’s MyAccount website. Capita often post updates to resources like this, so to make sure you always get the most recent version bookmark the assessment newsfeed and look for the CAS Good Level of Development Report. Alternatively you can contact your local SIMS support unit and ask them for a copy. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to the latest (May 2017) version 1.00 of the report. Be aware that if Capita update their resources, this link will become out of date:

CAS EYFS Good Level of Development v1.0

Installing the report

  • Make sure you have installed the GLD marksheets (part of the 2017 EYFS wizards in SIMS), as described here.
  • Unzip the file you have downloaded above to a file location you can find easily.
  • Go to Focus | Reports | Import
  • Navigate the the ‘archive’ file which is located in your unzipped folder.
  • Locate the file called CAS EYFS Good Level of Development.rptdef and open it. You’ll see this screen:

  • Click the Import button. Notice that the status of the report will change to imported.
  • Make sure there’s a tick against the report name and against the ‘import associated templates’ option.
  • Once you’ve clicked the import button you can close the import box.

Running the GLD report

Before you run the report, make sure that you have entered the EYFS results, opened the relevant EYFS Profile Good Level Development 2017 marksheets, pressed calculate. You should now have a marksheet that looks like this:

A sample EYFS GLD marksheet 2017

EYFS Profile Good Level Development 2017 marksheet

  • Make sure you press the save button.
  • Navigate to Focus | Reports | Run report
  • Click focus to expand the selections (below)

  • Click Student and then scroll down looking for the report called CAS EYFS Good Level of Development (below).
  • Double click to run the report.

  • Choose the year group you wish to analyse. For registration group make sure there’s a tick against the option to ‘accept all’ (below).

  • Click on OK to run the report. The report will load in Excel.
  • When the report loads you may get a security message warning about macros. You must click the button to enable macros to allow the report to run.
  • You may also receive an message from Excel warning that the marksheet has been opened in read-only mode. You will need to open the report in read-write mode.

Interpreting the report

  • Note that the national averages are from 2016 (regardless of which year group you are analysing).
  • The ethnicity analysis is in the form of a drop down menu.