When you are analysing your assessment data it can be useful to know how many pupils joined and left a particular year group as the cohort progresses through school. This report will list every pupil who was ever in the cohort, regardless of how long they stayed with the group.

This report is based on all pupils ever recorded in SIMS (not just pupils currently on roll) and identifies pupils only by their date of birth. So you’ll need to work out the earliest and latest possible dates of birth for the cohort you want to report on.

  1. Focus | Reports | Design Report
  2. Choose the Student data area and click next
  3. Base the report on All students
  4. Choose whatever fields you need (Name & Reg, Date of birth, start date, leaving date, current/leaving year, destination, destination institution, reason for leaving)
  5. Click next
  6. Create a new filter based on date of birth between the earliest DoB for pupils in the required year group and the last possible DoB for that year group.
  7. Tick ‘prompt at run time’ if you want to save and run this report with other year groups later.
  8. Click next.
  9. Sort pupils on surname and forename (or leaving date?)
  10. No need to specify any effective date – leave the effective date section unticked
  11. Export to Excel (I recommend you untick the option to go straight to print preview)
  12. Click next, save and run the report.

That’s it, the report will export to Excel where you can do further analysis if you wish.