It always amazes me how many school jobs require SIMS experience. But if you want a job in a school you need SIMS experience, but to get SIMS experience you need a job in a school! It’s a Catch-22 situation, made all the harder because as a priviate individual, SIMS can’t be purchased, so there’s no way to get hands-on experience of the software used by over 75% of schools.

That’s probably why I get so many emails from people asking how to get SIMS experience. A few years ago I launched a new course aimed at people who are new to SIMS. Over the year’s I’ve had some wonderful feedback on the course and it’s one of the most popular courses that I offer.

You can take the course before you go for interview, or after you start your new roll. While the course doesn’t offer a free copy of SIMS (you’d be suprised how many people don’t realise that SIMS isn’t the sort of software that you can just download and install) it does offer the ‘next best thing’ – lots and lots of videos and screenshots. Once you’ve finished the course you can claim a certificate of completion. If you want to see the feedback, read the course contents or ask questions, zoom over to the course homepage using the link below.