I’m often asked where school staff should start when learning about Power BI, so here’s a post that lists all the online resources that have helped me to learn Power BI over the last couple of years. First, here’s all the online websites that I’ve found useful.

Direct LinkNotes
Microsoft Power BI downloadStart here. Download Power BI from this Microsoft website
Power BI for SchoolsEd Cadwallader’s excellent blog for UK schools
DAX function referenceMicrosoft’s guide to every DAX formula
SQLBIMarco Russo and Alberto Ferrari are probably the two most influencial Power BI experts outside of Microsoft. You can sign up for their regular newsletter.
RADACADRegular blog updates from Reza Rad and Leila Etaati about every aspect of Power BI – and another newsletter that’s well worth subscribing too.
Enterprise DNARecommended especially for their online live events, which are often free to join.

And here’s some recommended online courses:

Direct Course LinkNotes
Microsoft guided learningA set of online learning resources by Microsoft, all free. The examples used are very much business oriented and can be difficult for us non-business users to translate into systems for schools.
Power BI + SIMS for BeginnersThis is my free course aimed at users in SIMS schools who are using Power BI for the first time.
Power BI SkillsAnother of my courses aimed at users in UK schools – the follow-on to the beginner course above. Available as part of the Power BI course bundle.
Power BI Further SkillsThe final course in the trilogy. Also available as part of the Power BI course bundle.
Introducing DAXSQLBI’s free course – great for learning DAX fundamentals but uses business (not education) examples.
Introduction to Data Modeling for Power BIAnother free SQLBI course – recommended.

Most of the sites referenced above have their own YouTube video channels, but here’s a list of resources that are know primarily by the YouTube videos. All of these channels are worth subscribing to.

YouTube LinkNotes
CurbalRuth Pozuelo releases videos three times every week and looks at every aspect of Power BI.
Guy in CubeActualy two guys: Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc are Microsoft Employees but the channel is all their own work.
Avi SinghLots of how-to videos but Avi also talks about developing your career in Power BI

What are your recommended resources for learning Power BI? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to keep this list updated.