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I’ve been working with ICT in schools and local authorities continuously since 1987 and over the years have made thousands of visits to schools in both the primary and secondary sector. I specialise in using SIMS Assessment Manager to promote school improvement. I’m also the Chair of Governors for a local primary school.

Health Checks for Individual Schools

I work with a lot of primary and secondary schools to give them a health check – making suggestions and showing techniques to help schools really use SIMS effectively. In many cases just day or two of consultancy time can provide a raft of useful and effective suggestions for tweaking and optimising your school’s assessment system.

Working with Local Authorities and Schools

Over the last few years I’ve worked extensively with local authority SIMS support teams and with individual schools to provide extra, expert help with Assessment Manager, SIMS Discover and SIMS analysis grids. I’m happy to work directly for schools, cluster groups or LA support units.

Primary School Systems

I offer an ‘off the shelf’ system for primary schools called School Analytics. It consists of a set of inter-related marksheets that allow schools to quickly set termly targets based on key stage results then track termly progress towards those targets. Most primary school systems cost less than £500. Click here for more details

Marksheet Design and Implementation

I can also design and create a bespoke full key stage system. Or I can help you design the marksheets and deliver training ready for your school staff to roll out a full system.

SIMS Consultancy for Assessment Manager

I’m available to provide one-to-one SIMS consultancy and training sessions for your school. Here are some of the areas that you might want to consider for your SIMS consultancy session:

  • Training for new members of staff
  • Creating marksheets to calculate Progress 8 and Attainment 8
  • Implementing and customising the KS4 Resources
  • Moving to the new GCSE 1-8 and 1-9 grades
  • An audit of your current assessment system
  • Developing specific marksheets or keystage systems
  • Whole-school systems
  • Training senior management in analysis techniques using SIMS
  • Training for classroom teachers
  • Using the advanced analysis tools in Assessment Manager (group analysis, aspect analysis etc)
  • Effective use of SIMS Discover
  • Reporting to parents

Most of my SIMS consultancy is delivered face-to-face in school, but don’t forget that a more cost-effective method for many schools (especially international schools) is remote access.

Contact me for more details.